ESXi 5.0 ISCSI Network and Multipath I/O

By | 06/01/2012
Before starting ISCSI configuration we need to create two VMkernel ports in a Virtual Switch at least two network adapters.
Host > Configuration > Networking > Add Networking
In this switch create two ISCSI VMkernel Ports and assign ip adresses. (For each network adapters create one VMkernel port.)


Both VMkernel port configurations in Nic Teaming section we must check Override switch failover order and select one Network adapter active and move other adapters to unused.


Now We can add Software ISCSI adapter.
Host > Configuration > Storage Adapters
Right click adapter list and Select Add Software iSCSI Adapter.
In properties of ISCSI adapter. Go to Dynamic Discovery and add ISCSI storage target. Then go to Network configuration in order to bind physical adapters to VMkernels.
Click Add button and bind each VMkernels with one Physical adapter as shown below.

In storage section you can add Storage to ESXi Host.