Migrate IBM SVC Luns to IBM V7000 Storage

It is possible to move SVC luns to IBM V7000 storage It is not an online way but only small outage to move I/O operation to V7000. To start operation you need to complete these requirements:

  • connect V7000 as an external storage to SVC
  • All luns which you will migrate have to be thick provisioned. If lun is thin provisioned you can create a thick copy and after that delete thin provisioned copy.

Then we can start migration process.

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Custom logging for Netscaler backed Apache – See Netscaler Client-IP header in log files.

In Netscaler backed apache web servers’ access_log files you can only see Netscaler Ip address. For statistics calculation it is hard to determine how many unique clients visited your website.

To see client’s ip adresses in log files you have to change apache config to set new log format.

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Mounting vmfs Formatted Disks to Windows Machine

I used java based code to mount vmfs disk as read only. All extra information and usage details can be found at this website.
I have java installed at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java”
I have downloaded java code and copied in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin” in vmfs_r95 folder.
Now you can run java code by executing following: