Migrating ISCSI Lun To Another Storage Using FC HBA with IBM SVC

By | 13/03/2012

It is possible to move your Luns to another storage pool which is managed by IBM San Volume Controller.

This instructions worked for Windows operating system. And source storage has to be connected to SVC.

  • First you have to add FC HBA to your host and show it to operating system.
  • Install MPIO software.
  • Then make fiber connections and switch zoning.
  • Create host on SVC.
  • Disable ISCSI service and reboot server. (After this host can not connect lun untll configuring SVC)
  • Unmap ┬álun from source storage and map it to SVC.
  • On SVC go to Physical storage > External > Storage_Name > Detect Mdisks
  • After detecting mdisk right click on it and select import. (Do not select any option and finish wizard.)

SVC will create migration pool for this lun.

Map lun to server then host can connect same lun via SVC. On Volumes section right click volume and Create mirrored copy to another storage pool.

After creation of mirrored copy you can delete source copy.